Rihanna X Chiddy Bang

The Rolling Stones Magazine knows it – I know it and now, you know it!

There’s a lot of new music out this month. E.g. the new Rihanna Album, which is called “talk that talk”. Surprise, the second single has the same (the first was “we found love” by the way ;)). It features nobody else than the big J . Shawn Corey Carter a.k.a. Jay-Z, founder an d C.E.O. of Rockafella Records, now president of def jam made it happen once again.

I have to say thank you J for not approving another pop-electro-release!

Apropos not pop-electro, there is a new album coming out by chiddy bang. Rolling Stones shows the name “breakfast” – I mean WOW, doesn’t it express everything that’s needed?

Back to track, the first official release is a song called ray charles. Yes the world famous Raymond Charles Robinson, who was a true genius! I actually downloaded the song from itunes. I need to say: It is again music that got me. Good stories, nice bass, amazing melodies, which not sound like “copy/paste” as so many other do…

check out here

Yours Grec

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